DIY Hair Tutorial How to Make 3 Adults Hair Bohemian Braids

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I’m TyeChloe and today we’re gonna do braids in braids I’m gonna braid my kids hair yay thumbs up guys I’m gonna try to do this myself yes like this one you can match mommy and baby hair

So there it is let’s get started so we’re mixing in we’re dividing hair into three parts well before you do that make sure you have a little comb you brush it really nice and straight and you divide it in three and clip the part….

…you’re now working I clip two parts and leave one part so I do right in the middle first and this is not perfect but I’m trying my best so you just braid all the way top you do body into three pieces like a normal braid it’s really hard to get your hands in their tiny little head that is it that’s really simple and really super cute dividing three.

Breaking middle all the way and you keep going going all the way so you’re down with one piece in the middle and then now you work on the got their left hand side or right hand side it is so cute and then you can put a little headband around it like blingy in our little crown for a little contest then you work on the left-hand side you braid it all the way

Make sure really tight to the head but not so tight we’re hurting her hair let’s go ahead you can loosen up on the bottom later on makes it more beef once you’re done with that value or thumbs s final one on the right side to bring all the way from the top down have three little rubber bands it’s really simple and it’s very simple.

Let me show you have you little tiny hand and comb you can spray some hair I’ll spray it so it’s wet I’m ready when it’s wet easier there you go guys that is good thank you so much for watching a cute little braid thumbs up leave me a comment I’m sure you can do it better but stared it is so cute thanks again guys, bye

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